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Backhoes in Guam unearth ancient remains

Construction on the Ylig Bridge project in Guam has unearthed ancient human remains.

Sandy Yee with International Archeological Research on Guam says the operator of the backhoe made the find. “It had gone through several layers of old road fill and sand deposit and we suddenly came across a burial so because it would be damaged by the road construction we have recorded where it is,” she said. “As soon as we find one it’s usually a big caution sign, so we were cautious and that’s why we found this one before the backhoe damaged it but it means we’re gong to be doubly vigilant for the rest of the excavation.”

The Ylig Bridge construction is part of the road to the new landfill site in Layon, however, DPW says this finding does not impede road access. Archaeologists say that the discovery is from the latte period around the 1200 AD, give or take 100 years, they say that they will now analyze the remains before reburying it at another site.

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Story: Nick Delgado, Kuam News | Photo: Kuam News

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