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New X-ray analysis technique developed

If you are an x-ray technician you may think you know all about new x-ray analysis techniques, but you may still be surprised with what these archaeologists have come up with.

X-ray sources known as synchrotons are being used by archaeologists to determine exactly what atoms makes up an artifact.

It has even shown, in the case of an inscription that had worn entirely away, that minuscule amount of iron left by the chisel showed a pristine version of the inscription on what appeared to be smooth stone.

“We did an experiment at Diamond [Light Source in Oxford] last year on a heavily-worn surface, and we couldn’t quite guess what the letters were,” he said.

The translation said it was a decree involving three different individuals. We looked at the pattern of iron we saw from tool wear and pigments that one letter couldn’t be consistent with the letter that had been put there – it turns out that letter changed the name of one of the people, and the story was about three brothers – just down to that one simple change.”

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Story: Jason Palmer, BBC News | Photo BBC News

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