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Animals have free run of ancient Greek city

Goats, cows and sheep are running amok in the ancient Greek city of Cyrene in eastern Libya.

”We really want someone to look at tourism and for companies to invest. Most of the artifacts are still buried. Tourism has been neglected,” said unemployed Shahaat resident Hamdy Bzeiwi, who has seen little of the income that would usually come from living close to a site such as Cyrene.

At the ruins, bags of rubbish litter the 2nd century AD Arch of Marcus Aurelius, and an amphitheater likely used for performances of Greek tragedies is now apparently being used as a sheep pen judging by the hoof prints and droppings.

A school of Greek philosophy is said to have been started at Cyrene, but the only ruminating there now is done by cows.

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Story: Mohammed Abbas, Reuters | Photo: Goran Tomasevic

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