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Medieval nuisance complaints

The BBC has posted a cool look at a list of grievances made in London from 1301 to 1431.

Few documents survive from this era, but other British cities would have had similar records, says Scudder. “There is a very early record concerning nuisances dating from the late 12th Century relating to Northampton.”

More than 700 years later, complaints against neighbours still persist, but they usually relate to noise, fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour, and many local councils have dedicated helplines to process grievances.

Back in medieval times, many complaints concerned misdirected, leaking or otherwise noisome privies, as medieval cities had no infrastructure to cope with the disposal of human waste. In the main, it was dumped into rivers and tributaries, or trodden into the ground.

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Story: Megan Lane, BBC News | Photo: BBC News

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