Prehistoric structure and tools found in New Mexico

Published on April 12th, 2011 | by Admin


Archaeologists in New Mexico have discovered prehistoric tools and a structure used by an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer society.

“For thousands of years, our ancestors, the ancestors of this area, subsisted this way,” Lentz said recently as he crouched next to a section of earth a few feet deep that had been painstakingly excavated, first by machine and then by hand.

He pointed to the corner of an earthen building with corners protruding less than a foot out of the freshly dug soil.

“These were like base camps, very rudimentary sort of camps where they built fires,” Lentz told the Deming Headlight.

He described the site as “very ephemeral, very subtle” and hard to locate.

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Story: AP | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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One Response to Prehistoric structure and tools found in New Mexico

  1. Ralph Diaz says:

    I have a stone I believe is a prehistoric tool I would like some information on if you could help me.

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