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15th century book turns up in Utah

A rare 15th century book, the Nuremberg Chronicles, has turned up at a fundraising event in Utah.

Assuming the edition found in Utah is authentic, it was actually printed in 1493, in the same century that Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press. The Nuremberg Chronicle was already 100 years old when Shakespeare put on his first stage play.

“Well it’s very important,” Sanders said. “It’s considered to be one of the world’s first illustrated books printed with movable type.”

The book was that era’s equivalent of a history and travel book. But for its day, it was exceptionally lavish in its illustrations. “It has some 1800 woodcut illustrations in it,” Sanders said. “Every page has an illustration, which is highly unusual for a book of that antiquity.”

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Story: John Hollenhorst, Deseret News | Photo: Collin Worthen

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