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Archaeologists excavate unfinished medieval castle

Archaeologists have been excavating Buckton Castle in England, a medieval castle left unfinished due to political change.

It was occupied for less than 100 years during a time when the King of Scotland lay claim to Lancashire and Cumberland.

The University of Salford’s Brian Grimsditch said, due to the unrest, “local rulers like the Earl had to protect their lands”.

The university’s Centre for Applied Archaeology conducted a three-year dig at the castle and have now concluded it was started to offer protection from Scottish expansion, though a change in political circumstances meant it was never finished.

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Story: BBC News | Photo: University of Salford

3 thoughts on “Archaeologists excavate unfinished medieval castle

  1. Unearthing of Buckton Castle stone by stone and not only in name, the people of Stalybridge have witnessed a truly historic event of a truly remarkable piece of history. The perception of many that the castle was simply a fort that held little historical importance is now changing as the castle is magically reappearing as a key site which sits atop a sandstone ridge. Buckton Castle’s perched location provides a marvellous view of the surrounding hills and township. As work continues on this archaeological quest I hope that they unearth the foundation stones of this wonderful discovery.

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