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Mayan hieroglyphic stairway found in Mexico

A stairway covered in Maya hieroglyphics has been uncovered in Campeche, Mexico.

Typically, hieroglyphic stairways are part of the central or core elements of the elite ruling class, however, this was not the case at El Palmar because the building was located on the outskirts of the site, away from the center. The location of the stairway perplexed Javier: “For me, the discovery of the hieroglyphic stairway at El Palmar was a great surprise. When Kenichiro notified me of the architectural group away from the central zone, I assumed that it would be similar to El Resbalon in Quintana Roo, where Post-Classic inhabitants reused the abandoned city, taking apart the hieroglyphic stairway and using the carved blocks for new constructions, placing them out of order in other parts of the city”.

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Story: Fabio Esteban Amador, National Geographic | Photo: Kenichiro Tsukamoto

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