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Julius Caesar was a badass

I came across this cool fact today while surfing on Reddit and was impressed enough that I had to share:  Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates, mocked his captors until his ransom was paid, then came back with a fleet and killed them all.

First, when the pirates demanded a ransom of twenty talents, Caesar burst out laughing. They did not know, he said, who it was that they ahd captured, and he volunteered to pay fifty. Then, when he had sent his followers to the various cities in order to raise the money and was left with one friend and two servants amoung this Cilicians, about the most bloodthirsty people in the world, he treated them so highhandedly that, whenever he wanted to sleep, he would…telle them to stop talking….However, the ranson arrived…and, as soon as he had paid it and been set free, he immediately mannde some ships and set said…against the pirates…and he captures nearly all of them. He took their property as spoils of war and put the men themselves into the prison at Pergamum…[Later he] took the pirates out of prison and crucified the lot of them, just as he had often told them he would do when he was on the island and they imagined he was joking.

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Story: Fall of the Roman Republic, by Rex Warner | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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