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Grave of Celtic princess excavated

Archaeologists in Germany have been working to excavate the 2,600-year-old grave of a Celtic princess.

She died just over 2,600 years ago and rested in peace until a few months ago when her grave was dug up in its entirety – all 80 tonnes of it – and transported on the back of a truck through countless German towns.

In the grave, too, was a child, presumed to be hers. Their last inglorious journey ended in the back yard of the offices of the archaeological service of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

When the truck arrived, the grave encased almost entirely in concrete, was unloaded and a tent constructed around it.

The archaeologists decided that removal of the whole grave would allow them to use the most modern resources of analysis, from computers to X-rays.

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Story: Stephen Evans | Photo: BBC News

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