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Oldest remains of Caspian Horse found in Iran

The oldest known remains of the Caspian Horse, the oldest horse breed in the world still in existence, has been found in Gohar, Iran.

The Caspian horse was used in ancient Iran for chariot races as well as in battle. Much smaller than modern horses, it stands at around 11 hands high, compared to thoroughbreds which stand at around 16 hands. It is a lightly built horse with thin bones and a short, fine head with a pronounced forehead. They have large eyes, small muzzles, and short ears, are extremely fast and remarkably strong. Spirited animals, the Caspians also have good temperaments.

Once believed extinct, the Caspian horses were discovered in 1965 by Louise Firouz, the American wife of an Iranian aristocrat, while on a horseback expedition in the mountainous regions south of the Caspian Sea.

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Story: Lynn Herrmann, Digital Journal | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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