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WWII aerial photos lead to Nazi gold

By studying RAF surveillance photos shot over Germany during WWII, historians believe they may have located an underground complex full of Nazi gold.

At the weekend human remains were found in the forest; believed to be those of slave labourers forced to assist the Nazis in building the secret bunker.

And Luftwaffe records from 1945 show that a bombing raid by warplanes was ordered on the site in April 1945 – one month from the end of the war – despite the fact that hardly any German planes were able to fly because of total Allied air supremacy.

One photo that excites local historian Hilmar Prosche shows sand workings in August 1944 that resemble the outline of a human skull.

He believes the skull points the way to the bunkerentrancde and the Reichsbank gold worth over 500 million pounds on today’s markets.

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Story: Daily Mail | Photo: PA

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