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Pre-Spanish discoveries in Costa Rica

Evidence of thriving ancient cultures have been found at three sites in Costa Rica.

To most Costa Ricans – Ticos and expats alike – Costa Rican history begins with the arrival of the Spanish in 1502. Recent developments and archeological finds are painting a far different picture however. In fact, there is increasing evidence that ancient cultures thrived in the land of Pura Vida long before European explorers cast covetous eyes upon its beauty and natural riches.

Three archeological sites in various parts of the country give an interesting glimpse into pre-Columbian life: Guayabo and La Montana complex in Turrialba, the footpaths of Lake Arenal, and . Each site offers a different window into who the ancient Costa Ricans were and how they lived.

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Story: Lou Cheek, The Costa Rica News | Photo: Anita363

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