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Reindeer teeth give clues to Neanderthal hunting

Analysis of reindeer teeth suggests that Neanderthals has more sophisticated hunting behavior than previously thought.

The reindeer were probably hunted close to the Jonzac site. “It could also be possible that these animals were from the same herd, and may even have been hunted at the same time – either during the same hunting episode or over a series of closely timed events,” suggests Britton.

But the new isotope analysis suggests that the animals were not local. “The reindeer were probably travelling through the area during their annual spring/autumn migrations,” Britton says.

The Neanderthal living at the time were probably aware of the reindeer migration patterns and planned their stays in Jonzac to make the most out of the moving herd.

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Story: Sara Coelho, PlanetEarth Online | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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