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Ancient stork tracks found in Japan

2,400-year-old bird tracks belonging to a stork have been found in Osaka Prefecture in Japan.

The tracks, discovered in the remains of a rice field in the area bordering between Higashi Osaka and Yao, Osaka, in 1996, are believed to be from the early Yayoi Period, dating back some 2,400 years, which makes them the oldest oriental stork tracks in Japan. Oriental stork footprints from the sixth century were earlier found in the Gunma Prefecture city of Maebashi.

Each footprint is about 15 centimeters long and 12 centimeters wide. About 100 prints were unearthed in total, alongside human footprints. It is believed that they were preserved due to a flood occurring soon after they were made and washing sand into them.

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Story: Mainichi Daily News | Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Osaka Center for Cultural Heritage

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