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Robot explores inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

A robot armed with a camera has been sent deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in hopes of shedding light on why tunnels, doors and secret chambers were built inside the structure.

Images sent back by the camera have revealed hieroglyphs written in red paint and lines in the stone that could be marks left by stone masons when the chamber was being carved (Annales Du Service des Antiquités De L’Égypte, vol 84, ISBN: 978-977-704-184-3). “If these hieroglyphs could be deciphered they could help Egyptologists work out why these mysterious shafts were built,” says Richardson.

“Red-painted numbers and graffiti are very common around Giza,” says Peter Der Manuelian, an Egyptologist at Harvard University and director of the Giza Archives at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. “They are often masons’ or work-gangs’ marks, denoting numbers, dates or even the names of the gangs.”

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Story: Rowan Hooper, NewScientist | Photo: Djedi Team

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