9,000-year-old hunting camp found in Eastern Ontario

Published on May 30th, 2011 | by Admin


A ancient hunting camp dating back between 3,500 to 9,000 years has been found along the South Nation River in Ontario, Canada.

Thousands of stone items have been found at what Thibaudeau said was an obvious portage around a waterfall and rapids on the South Nation River. The spot is believed to have been a temporary hunting and animal-skinning camp. Small stone tools used in skinning, remnants of tools, and waste from the toolmaking process have been found. “They were coming, staying briefly, and moving on, that’s what we can tell right now,” he said.

He knew he was onto something when one of his crew, Kelly Berckmans, of Ottawa and a Carleton student, found what appeared to be a piece of glass but turned out to be a crystal quartz “end scraper.”

“When I saw that — that got me excited. When I started seeing a lot of quartz flakes, a lot of chipped stone in the other test pits I said something is going on here.”

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Story: David Gonczol, The Ottawa Citizen | Photo: David Gonczol, The Ottawa Citizen

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