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Fight brewing over Anne Frank’s tree

For two years the top of an old chestnut tree could be seen from the window in the attic where Anne Frank and her family were hiding. It was their only connection to nature during that trying time. Last year the tree fell during a storm, and now a fight is brewing around how it was killed and what happened to it’s remains.

Board members of the Support Anne Frank Tree foundation, the group responsible for the tree, are incensed with the contractor they hired to build a metal brace meant to extend the sick tree’s life. They accuse him of botching the job and killing the tree, and then stealing the tree’s remains and leaving them to rot instead of distributing them to the Jewish museums and other institutions around the world that would like to have them. Perhaps inevitably, given the context and the hard feelings the matter has stirred, they have also accused him of acting like a Nazi.

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Story: Sally McGrance, NYT | Photo: Herman Wouters, NYT

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