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Looters dynamite archaeolgical site

Infuriating! Looters in Greece have been arrested for dynamiting at a protected archaeological area to search for buried gold.

Authorities said Thursday that the four Greek and two Albanian men were arrested Wednesday after police discovered a 12-meter (40-foot) tunnel blasted into the side of a mountain near the city of Kavala, 700 kilometres (435 miles) north of Athens.

The tunnel, with support columns and a construction track, was first started in 2008, according to local police, who said the suspects would be charged with illegal excavation, illegal use and possession of explosives, and violating archaeological protection laws.

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Story: AP | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Looters dynamite archaeolgical site

  1. According to local police, the looters’ hiding place was discovered. A digital camera found on site, shows photographs of artifacts that seem to belong to the Roman era. It is yet unknown if they managed to sell these artifacts, but the pictures will help identify them in the future.

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