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Mozart sheet music found in charity shop

A first edition piece of music written by an 8-year-old Mozart has been found in a charity shop in England.

Elestr Lee, a musician, quickly spotted the printed composer’s name at the bottom – Wolfgang Mozart.

She researched the inscription on the front, which was in French and dedicated to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III who reigned from 1760 to 1820.

It read in French that the booklet contained ‘six sonatas for the harpsichord’.

To her delight Sotheby’s confirmed that the discovery was a first edition piece of music that an eight-year-old Mozart wrote on a visit to London in January 1765.

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Story: BBC News | Photo: BBC News

One thought on “Mozart sheet music found in charity shop

  1. Well done for recognising what they had there.

    Mind you, the story is improbable. Imagine a young child, lobbing into London in the 1760s and blowing everyone away with his talent. I cannot imagine my own sons composing symphonies for a London performance and playing before King George III and his queen. But then that is the nature of genius, I suppose – once in a generation!

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