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Vandals destroy university excavation

Vandals have destroyed an Archaeology Field School site being excavated by university students in Illinois.

The carefully dug “squares,” or excavations, where soil is removed by scraping literally one layer at a time, were caved in or marred by large holes where vandals hastily tried to dig for artifacts with shovels stolen from the site.

Vogel, an assistant professor, said the students will have to clear away the caved-in walls, level the holes and start again. All dirt at the site is sifted through screens, many of which were stolen Friday night.

A large, locked equipment storage box, too heavy to carry off, had been pried open just enough for a thief to reach in and pull out a $200 Brunton Pocket Transit, a piece of surveying equipment.

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Story: George Pawlaczyk, News-Democrat| Photo: BND

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