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Mycenaean fortress unearthed in Cyprus

A Mycenaean fortress has been uncovered at the ancient city of Bamboula in Cyprus.

Clues to the function of the structure were clear to Walberg. “It’s quite clear that it is a fortress because of the widths and strengths of the walls. No house wall from that period would have that strength. That would have been totally unnecessary,” she said, noting that one wall is 4.80 meters thick. “And it is on a separate plateau, which has a wonderful location you can look north to the mountains or over the river, and you can see the Mediterranean to the south — so you can see whoever is approaching.”

Remains of stairs leading up to a destroyed circular tower-like structure, which would have been convenient to look out over the area, were also found.

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Story: Amanda Chalifoux, Physorg | Photo: Physorg

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