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Mysterious Nazi photographer identified

This morning a German website posted up an interesting gallery of Nazi photographs, some showing POWs and others featuring the Führer. The question was asked: who was the photographer who had access to both prison camps and Hitler himself? Hours later the question was answered. [Thnx Kese]

As Tuesday dawned, what we knew about an anonymous photo album by a Nazi photographer was only what could be inferred from its 214 pictures (all but one uncaptioned). We could see he had amazing access: taking portraits of Russian and Jewish prisoners one month, standing just a few feet from Adolf Hitler the next. We knew he had been to the Eastern Front, we surmised that he worked for the Propagandakompanie and we guessed that the pretty woman in the album’s closing pages was someone special.

There was a striking divide in the album between his Eastern Front pictures, which ended with his convalescence somewhere, and the postcard pictures he took around the Bavarian countryside and in central Munich, when the young woman seemed always at his side.

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Story: New York Times| Photo: Salzburg Municipal Archive

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