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Refugee camp unearthed near Hadrian’s Wall

Hundreds of buildings thought to have housed refugees has been found near Hadrian’s Wall in Scotland.

A major dig close to Hadrian’s Wall has revealed traces of a suspected refugee camp which would have housed tribespeople fleeing south from a breakdown of society north of the imperial border in the third century AD.

Archaeologists were initially puzzled to unearth the foundations of temporary but well-built structures on the site of an earlier fort within the sprawling perimeter of the Roman fortress of Vindolanda.

The director of excavations at the site, Dr Andrew Birley, said: “These are very unusual buildings and it looks as though they may number into the hundreds. Events clearly took place here on a large scale to lead to this sort of construction.”

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Story: Martin Wainwright, Guardian | Photo: Oliver Benn/Getty Images

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