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Jewish bodies found in Medieval well

17 bodies found in a medieval well in England may be evidence of early Jewish persecution.

Seven skeletons were successfully tested and five of them had a DNA sequence suggesting they were likely to be members of a single Jewish family.

DNA expert Dr Ian Barnes, who carried out the tests, said: “This is a really unusual situation for us. This is a unique set of data that we have been able to get for these individuals.

“I am not aware that this has been done before – that we have been able to pin them down to this level of specificity of the ethnic group that they seem to come from.”

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Story: BBC News | Photo: BBC News

One thought on “Jewish bodies found in Medieval well

  1. Thank you for this post.

    I suppose the thing about DNA testing on very old bodies is that it puts real faces on old dry bones that noone otherwise cares about. These were one particular family (adults and children) who lived in a specific town (Norwich) at a given time (12th century) and practised a religion that was important to them (Judaism). They were healthy from disease and made a decent living.

    People can remember their parents’ stories or perhaps their grandparents’ stories, if they were very fortunate. But not when the entire family was exterminated. Even after the Holocaust, when I went to school in the early 1950s, noone knew their older siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins.

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