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Khufu’s solar boat removed from tomb

A solar boat designed to carry King Khufu to the afterlife has been removed from its limestone tomb.

In 2008, the Japanese team from Waseda University led by archaeologist Sakuji Yoshimura inserted a tiny camera through a hole in the chamber’s limestone ceiling to transmit video images of the boat onto a small TV monitor on site in order to re-examine and assess the condition of the boat’s cedar beams and ascertain at the possibility of restoring it. It also make the boat available to Giza Plateau visitors through an LCD screen installed inside a hangar erected at the Plateau.

Today, after the completion of a comprehensive study, the limestone blocks, consisting of 41 panels that have covered the boat pit for 4,500 years, were removed and the boat’s wooden beams extracted one by one to a special warehouse in order to be reassembled as it would have looked in ancient times.

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Story: Nevine El-Aref, Ahram | Photo: Ahram

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