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50 year project to restore Angkor temple complete

A 50 year project to restore the ancient Angkor temple of Baphuon has finished.

The restoration of the 11th-century Baphuon ruin is the result of decades of painstaking work, hampered by tropical rains and civil war, to take apart hundreds of thousands of sandstone blocks and piece them back together again.

“When I first saw how devastated the monument was, I never thought we would be able to put it back together,” said Cambodian restorer Ieng Te, who joined the project as a young student in 1960 and was tasked with numbering stones.

“I am so happy and excited that we were able to rebuild our historic temple,” the now 66-year-old said as he oversaw the final construction activities at the site.

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Story: Suy Se, AFP | Photo: Tabg Chhin Sothy, AFP

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