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9th-century Maya cemetery discovered

The remains of 116 people have been found in a cemetery in Mexico which dates back to the 9th century.

“This discovery is the largest skeletal sample ever recovered in that region of Mayan territory, which suggests that it could be a pre-Columbian cemetery associated with that culture,” project coordinator Ricardo Armijo said.

“The 66 burials in urns correspond to individuals belonging to the Mayan elite and the other 50 – placed in different positions around them – to their companions” in the afterlife, he said.

Also found were instruments and figures associated with the burials such as “ceramic whistles and rattles in the form of animals and of richly dressed men and women, dozens of razors, knives, plus chips of flint and obsidian, many metal fragments and more than 70,000 shards of pottery.”

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Story: EFE | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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