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Stone gate unearthed in Luxor

A 2,700-year-old gate errected by Nubian King Shabaka has been unearthed near Luxor’s Karnak temple.

The gate, which was found to be “in good condition,” once led to the room holding the king’s treasures, the ministry said.

“It is the first time an item of the 25th dynasty has been found in such good condition, and wasn’t ruined by the 26th dynasty,” Mansur Boraik, the Egyptian head of the Franco-Egyptian Research Centre of the Temples of Karnak, told AFP.

The large stone door features colourful engravings that depict King Shabaka offering the goddess of truth, Maat, to the god Amun Raa, the chief deity.

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Story: AFP | Photo: AFP/HO/Supreme Council of Antiquities

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