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16th century Chinese artifact found off Mexico coast

A 430-year-old bronze Chinese sculpture has been found in a wrecked Spanish galleon off the Baja California coast.

The Asian sculpture, located underwater by means of signals from a metal detector, coincides with descriptions noted in the 18th century by Jesuit missionaries such as Fr. Fernando Consag at an earlier moment and later by Fr. Miguel del Barco, Junco said.

“The goods we are studying coincide with the notes of Fr. Miguel del Barco, who in his chronicles says that some Indians brought to one of the missions a bronze candlestick in the shape of a dog,” the archaeologist said.

“The object we found is probably similar to the one described by the priest, or it could be the lid of a censer,” Junco said.

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Story: Fox New Latino | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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