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Stolen boulder with petroglyph returned

A boulder weighing more than 300lbs, containing a petroglyph of bighorn sheep, has been returned to its original home in Nevada after being stolen in 2008.

In April, Michael Cook, 58, a Pahrump real estate agent, was sentenced to six months in prison for stealing the petroglyph. He claimed he used a rope to pull the free-standing boulder down into his truck.

He was arrested after Nye County sheriff’s detective Morgan Dillon spotted it in Cook’s front yard in June 2009.

“I was thinking that’s a pretty nice petroglyph,” said Dillon, who went to Cook’s house to serve a search warrant in an unrelated case. “It was big and pretty intricate, so I had a feeling that it wasn’t legal.”

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Story: The Republic | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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