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Ornate Egyptian weapons actually used to kill

An analysis of weapons belonging to the Ancient Egyptian elite show that they were actually used in battle or for executions, and not just held for ceremonial purposes.

Not only were they able to be used in battle, it seems about half of the 125 weapons studied showed evidence of wear and tear, suggesting they were actually used. Some of them, such as an ax with a dent in it, are obvious, while others are more subtle, like small nicks on the edge of a blade.

The evidence suggests that elite members of Egyptian society may have gone into battle or executed prisoners personally. “I think there’s an argument for it. Whether they were actually in the middle of the battle, or standing to one side, remains to be seen,” Boatright said.

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Story: Owen Jarus, LiveScience | Photo: Public domain / Catalogue du Musee du Caire (Royal Mummies section)

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