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Researchers investigate mysterious Erdstall tunnels

Researchers in Bavaria are trying to figure out was more than 700 tunnel networks in the area were used for.

The Greithanners, from the town of Glonn near Munich, are the owners of a strange subterranean landmark. A labyrinth of vaults known as an “Erdstall” runs underneath their property. It is at least 25 meters (82 feet) long and likely stems from the Middle Ages. Some believe that it was built as a dwelling for helpful goblins.

The geologists and land surveyors who appeared on Greithanner’s property at the end of June were determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Three members of a group called the “Working Group for Erdstall Research,” wearing red protective suits and helmets, dragged the heavy concrete plate away from the entrance and disappeared into the depths.

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Story: Matthias Schulz, Der Spiegel| Photo: Der Spiegel

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