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Buried warrior unearthed in Syria

A Bronze Age tomb has been unearthed in the ancient trade town of Terqa in Syria.

“The skeleton is extremely heavy and large,” says the study, which estimates the man died around the age of 45. Shoulder, back and upper arm bones look unusually thick, while his forearms and leg bones were “massive,” says the study, all signs of a thickly-muscled fellow. All told he stood about 5’8″, quite tall for the Bronze Age.

“Many muscular attachments were clearly marked on the bones and bone robustness was far above the average, which may suggest that the skeleton belonged to a warrior,” says the study. “These observations correspond to the fact that the bronze parts of a coat and belt together with bronze weapon-blades were found on the right side of the hip.”

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Story: Dan Vergana, USA Today | Photo: J. Tomczyk

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