Archaeologists turn Microsoft Kinect turned into 3D scanner

Published on August 4th, 2011 | by Admin


Researchers at the University of California have modified a Microsoft Kinect to act as a handheld 3D scanner for use on archaeological digs.

Schulze and Tenedorio also plopped a five-pronged infrared sensor to the top of the Kinect to track its position and orientation in space with overhead cameras. This allows the user to hold the camera up like an airport scanner and wave it around an object (or person) to capture their data.

The incoming 3D model is also displayed in real time on a nearby monitor (or — if you’re in the university’s 360-degree, 16-panel immersive virtual reality StarCAVE — right next to you) so you know exactly how much data you’ve captured, and which bits you’re missing.

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Story: Mark Brown, Wired

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