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Maryland site continuously occupied for 10,000 years

A nearly 10,000-year-old stone hearth has been unearthed at Pig Point, Maryland. Now the hunt is on for pre-Paleo evidence of habitation.

Claims of “pre-Paleo” discoveries elsewhere in the United States and South America have been enormously controversial among scientists. But at Pig Point, where deep, “layer cake” deposits with solid C-14 dating make chronologies quite clear, such a find would be difficult to dispute.

That would be “the absolute jackpot,” said Joe Dent, an associate professor and expert in Mid-Atlantic prehistory at American University in Washington. “If they encountered pre-Paleo, this would be an international site. Archaeologists worldwide would beat a path to it.”

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Story: Frank D. Roylance, Baltimore Sun | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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