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Remains of children sacrifices found in Peru

The remains of 12 children and 20 llamas sacrificed 800 years ago have been found near the ancient city of Chan Chan in Peru.

Experts believe the children and animals were killed in a ritual similar to the Incan ceremony known as Capacocha, which was organized before the imminent death or birth of an Incan emperor.

Archaeologists also suspect the sacrifice could have been done to settle down nature’s forces because the remains were found amid clay, suggesting they were buried during a rainy season.

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Story: 3News | Photo: 3News

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  1. This is one fascinating article. It poses some significant questions regarding the value, ideas, and meanings regarding children and childhood by the Chimu civilization. I’ve been compiling a list of sources to post on my website, and up until now, I’ve only been looking at studies by historians. Obviously, archaeology and history can definitely work side by side. Thanks for the post!

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