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Black Death spread through people, not rats

A new study suggests that the Black Death of 1348-49 was spread through person-to-person contact, not by rats.

“The evidence just isn’t there to support it,” said Barney Sloane, author of The Black Death in London. “We ought to be finding great heaps of dead rats in all the waterfront sites but they just aren’t there. And all the evidence I’ve looked at suggests the plague spread too fast for the traditional explanation of transmission by rats and fleas. It has to be person to person – there just isn’t time for the rats to be spreading it.”

He added: “It was certainly the Black Death but it is by no means certain what that disease was, whether in fact it was bubonic plague.”

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Story: Maev Kennedy, Guardian | Photo: Rex Features

One thought on “Black Death spread through people, not rats

  1. Their wickedness more than likely brought it to them. Punishments always comes. May be something similar in America one of these days as many have become Hellenists.

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