Erosion threatens Samuel de Champlain settlement

Published on August 26th, 2011 | by Admin


High levels of erosion are threatening Samuel de Champlain’s 1604 settlement on St. Croix Island.

It’s the first time the water around the site has been examined. The research team from Submerged Resources Center of the United States National Park Services is focused on a small cove on the Canadian side of the island. Combing through rocks and seaweed and using everything from remote-sensing equipment to metal detectors, they are trying to unearth any remaining artifacts and salvage what may be left of the early settlers.

Ho said apart from remnants of an early lighthouse, they found scraps of metal and ceramic pieces. Ho said it’s still unclear if those items originated from the island.

“It doesn’t tell us too much,” said Ho. “Things wash up and you’re not really sure if it’s related to the island. It could have come down from the Saint Croix River, who knows where? We won’t be able to tell yet.”

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Story: Andrew Rankin, Toronto Star | Photo: Susanna Pershern, U.S. National Park Service

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