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DVD Giveaway: The Thomas Hardy Collection

A&E Home Entertainment has graciously provided a double-DVD set of The Thomas Hardy Collection, featuring Tess of the D’Urbervilles and The Mayor of Casterbridge.

Her luminous beauty blazing against the bleak background of rural Victorian England, Tess Durbeyfield (Justine Waddell, ?Great Expectations?) is one of literature’s best-loved and most memorable heroines. Violated by one man and forsaken by another, she refuses to remain a victim. But her struggle to endure despite the abandonment of her true love– and her desperate attempt to attain happiness– propel Tess toward a tragic end.

Destitute and drunken, Michael Henchard is an itinerant farmhand who sells his wife and daughter to a sailor in a moment of alcohol-fueled desperation. So begins THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE, Thomas Hardy’s enduring classic with Ciaran Hinds (Jane Eyre) as the tragic, tormented Henchard. Decades after his fateful decision, now reformed and respectable, he is offered a chance at redemption when his wife re-appears with her daughter. But the reunion’s promise is soon tarnished by a web of jealousy, deceit and wounded pride.

To win a copy of The Thomas Hardy Collection, join the A Blog About History Facebook group and like one of the stories I post next in the next week. I’ll draw the lucky winner’s name this Friday!

Can’t wait that long? Pick up a copy yourself directly from!

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