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Is this the face of Jack the Ripper?

An e-fit has been created of key Jack the Ripper suspect Cark Feugebaum, using a description documented when he was admitted to Sing Sing prison in 1894.

After some digging, Marriott came across records which showed the Nord Deutsche Line, a German merchant vessel group, had a ship called the Reiher docked at the time of the murders.

When Marriott investigated the seamen aboard this ship, he came across the convicted murderer Feigenbaum.

Having watched his client die in the electric chair, Feigenbaum’s lawyer William Lawton told the press he believed him to be responsible for the Ripper murders in London. Feigenbaum had confessed, he said, to suffering from a disease which periodically drove him to murder and mutilate women.

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Story: Dr. Xanthe Mallet, BBC News | Photo: BBC News

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