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New species of ancient predatory fish found

A new species of predatory fish which lived 375-million-years ago has been discovered.

The Devonian Period (415 to 360 million years ago) is often described as the Age of Fishes because of the rich variety of aquatic forms that populated the ancient seas, lagoons and streams. Laccognathus embryi is a lobe-finned fish whose closest living relative is the lungfish. The creature probably grew to about 5 or 6 feet long and had a wide head with small eyes and robust jaws lined with large piercing teeth. “I wouldn’t want to be wading or swimming in waters where this animal lurked,” said Daeschler, co-author of the paper and the Academy’s curator of vertebrate zoology. “Clearly these Late Devonian ecosystems were vicious places, and Laccognathus filled the niche of a large, bottom-dwelling, sit-and-wait predator with a powerful bite.”

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Story: Caryolyn Belardo, Academy of Natural Sciences | Photo: Jason Poole/ANSP

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