Smelly 18th centry latrines unearthed in Copenhagen

Published on September 12th, 2011 | by Admin


Two 300-year-old latrines have been unearthed underneath Kultorvet Square in Copenhagen, and apparently they still smell!

”Well, it smells like rotten eggs,” archaeologist and excavation expert Hoda El-Sharnouby told Politiken newspaper.

El-Sharnouby’s team made the stinky but stunning find which includes two outhouses filled with nearly 300-year-old faeces. The privies and their contents are remarkably well-preserved, thanks to the low oxygen content in the city’s soil.

“That smell is such good news for us archaeologists, because that’s how we know that the contents are well-preserved and have not been eaten up by bacteria,” El-Sharnouby added.

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Story: The Copenhagen Post | Photo: Museum of Copenhagen

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One Response to Smelly 18th centry latrines unearthed in Copenhagen

  1. I’ll be damned:o: 300 year old and still smelling as ‘shitty’, and revealing the dietary secrets and disease patterns of long dead people in a short while!

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