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40,000 prehistoric artifacts found in Wyoming

Over 40,000 artifacts, some of which date back 10,000 years, has shown that humans were living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, year round.

The idea of year-round inhabitants in Jackson Hole isn’t so far fetched. Climate models show that, 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, Jackson Hole was warmer and wetter in the summer, and colder and drier in the winter. Warmer, wetter weather in the summer means more forage, and more forage means more animals for humans to eat. Drier weather in winter also could mean more available forage for animals.

“The more food sources there are, the higher the carrying capacity — the more people who could live here,” Page said.

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Story: Cory Hatch, JH News and Guide | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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