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Pompeii fresco colours altered by Vesuvius

New research has revealed that the famous red colour found on Pompeii frescoes were actually yellow before gases from Mount Vesuvius altered them.

Sergio Omarini, who presented the institute’s findings, said: ”At the moment, there are 246 walls perceived as red, and 57 as yellow. But based on the new research, the numbers must have been, respectively, 165 and 138.

”The discovery allows us to rethink the original appearance of the city in a radically different way from how we are used to – in which red, indeed Pompeiian red, has been prevalent.”

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Story: Sydney Morning Herald | Photo: The Art Archive/Gianni Dagli Ort

One thought on “Pompeii fresco colours altered by Vesuvius

  1. I guess the volcano altered many things. There was an awesome Pompei exhibit in 1979 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York about all of this.


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