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Royal Egyptian coffin found museum collection

A project underway to catalogue all the Egyptian coffins housed in provincial museums in England and Wales has turned up a previously unknown royal coffin.

“Cut from a single log of cedar wood, it is exquisitely carved, inlaid and painted. For a child to have been given something like that, he must have had very important parents – perhaps even a king and queen. Unfortunately, the part of the inscription which named the boy and his parents is so badly damaged that we cannot be certain.

“The inscription had been re-worked at some point for a new owner – a 2,500 year old mummified boy, anonymous but given the name Psamtek by his current custodians, that came to Torquay Museum with the coffin when in was donated in the 1950s. ‘Psamtek’ is in fact nearly 1,000 years younger than the coffin itself.”

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Story: University of Bristol | Photo: Torquay Museum

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