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Blackbeard’s cannon lifted from ocean floor

The pirate Blackbeard’s 300-year-old cannon has been raised from the ocean floor off the coast of North Carolina. [Thx Mike!]

The eight-foot-long cannon was covered in sand and ocean debris called “concretion,” which will take archaeologists and students at East Carolina University as many as eight years to crack through before getting to the metal cannon, according to Jennifer Woodward, secretary of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, which oversees the project.

“It was perfect. It’s a beautiful day, the crews were out earlier this morning, several boats out there witnessed it,” Woodward said. “It looks like it’s covered in concretions, with cement all around it, and there will be lots of things attached to it.”

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Story: Colleen Curry, ABC News | Photo: Karen Browning and the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources

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