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Remains of two whaling ships found in Australia

The remains of two nineteenth century whaling ships have been found in Western Australia. The joint project between the City of Bunbury and Museum of Western Australia has attracted a number of specialists from around the nation to assist in the dig for the 1800s whaling ships. WA Museum Department of Maritime

Should Stonehenge be lit up at night?

A debate is underway in regards to whether Stonehenge should be illuminated at night. English Heritage, which manages Stonehenge, says it was lit up at night for a period in the 1970s and early 1980s but that was stopped due to an increase in road accidents caused by cars and lorries

Leather chariot trappings rediscovered in Egypt

Researchers working in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have redisovered in a forgotten drawer extremely well preserved leather trappings for a chariot. Veldmejier says that El Gawad called him to the museum and showed him “layer upon layer” of leather. “It’s a gorgeous find,” he says. “What was in the picture,

2012 mention found on Mayan stone fragment

Archaeologists in Mexico have found a second reference to the year 2012 on a fragment of stone. It is the second reference to the date in Mayan glyphs yet found. The brick date does coincide with the end of the 13th Baktun; Baktuns were roughly 394-year periods and 13 was a

Breeding dogs for textile production

A new study has revealed that the people who lived on the Pacific coast or North America before the Europeans arrived bread special long haired dogs for textile production. Researchers found evidence of dog hair in the robe of fur and six of the woven textiles, primarily in a blend with

Ancient man deep-sea fished

Evidence has been found that 42,000 years ago, man had mastered the art of deep-sea fishing. The site that we studied featured more than 38 000 fish bones from 2 843 individual fish dating back 42 000 years," O'Connor said, with many of the fish deep-sea species. "What the site in East