Remains of German WWI soldiers found in bombed-out tunnel

Published on November 2nd, 2011 | by Admin


The bodies of 21 German soldiers who fought in World War I have been found in a bombed-out tunnel in France.

The tunnel, six meters underground and 1.80 meters high, was built with German thoroughness, equipped with heating, telephone connections, electricity, beds and a pipe to pump out water. It had 16 exits and was big enough to hold up to 500 men in an emergency.

The archaeologists have uncovered the sides, floors and stairways, all made from heavy timber. The intended permanence of the structure shows how static the fighting was for most of the war, in which both sides built vast trench systems that stretched 440 miles from the Swiss border to the North Sea.

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Story: Spiegel | Photo: dapd

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