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Leather chariot trappings rediscovered in Egypt

Researchers working in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have redisovered in a forgotten drawer extremely well preserved leather trappings for a chariot.

Veldmejier says that El Gawad called him to the museum and showed him “layer upon layer” of leather. “It’s a gorgeous find,” he says. “What was in the picture, that’s not even half of what’s in the museum. It was astonishing.”

The trappings are 90–95% complete, according to Veldmeijer, and include the leather casing that would have covered the wooden chariot, as well as harnesses, gauntlets, and a bow case and quiver. Wear marks and details of the stitching are still visible, and the intricate red, green and white design — the only known example of its type — is still bright after more than three millennia.

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Story: Jo Marchant, Nature | Photo: Andre J. Veldmeijer/SCA/Egyptian Museum Authorities

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